Previously shared HDR's cop post, now come a wave of real combat. How to turn on the HDR movie viewing experience in the Win10 system.

  1. Prepare a movie for HDR10. You can download it yourself or filter HDR movies in my plex library. Dozens of them can be found, mostly 4K/HEVC (h265)/HDR standards.
  2. Prepare a monitor that supports HDR10. I'm Dell U2718Q, a more general HDR10-supported 4K screen
  3. Make sure your HDMI line supports HDMI2.0 and HDMI 1.4 does not support HDR. The DP line is not tested and it is estimated that DP1.2 should be supported (not confirmed)

Let's move on to the key settings

4. Open the graphics card settings, into the NV settings interface, change the resolution interface, the output color format from sRGB to YCbCr444, color depth 12bpc. It's important here because HDR is not in the sRGB color format, it's time to say byebye with sRGB.

5. Turn on windows HD color settings (right-click desktop, display settings), and manually turn on the HDR mode switch. At this point, your screen will go dark and you'll be sure to turn on HDR mode when you light up again.



NV graphics output settings Right: win10 on HDR settings

This time you have to say,

group owner, what ghost, why my monitor color is not right ah, gray ah?! Don't worry, it's normal because your desktop program can only output SDR mode, and HDR mode doesn't display SDR colors very well. So desktop office doesn't work in HDR mode. And you find out, why can't the monitor manually adjust the brightness? Because after the HDR is turned on, the system default is the HDR source to automatically adjust the area backlight brightness, manual adjustment failure!

Only by opening the HDR movie application can the screen be displayed properly (of course HDR games are also supported).

6. Finally, you need to select a player that supports HDR metadata pass-through, such as Kodi, where the group owner is using the Windwos default player. If the player does not support HDR metadata pass-through, the output of the player is converted to SDR, which is not well displayed in HDR mode displays. Win10's version of Plex player, for example, does not support HDR pass-through. The effect is compared to the following image:

Left: HDR on Right: HDR is not on


ugh unremitting efforts, we can finally enjoy 2 hours of HDR time.

7. Finally watch the movie don't forget win10 must turn off HDR Oh, otherwise the desktop program color distortion is very good.