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By joining PlexVIP cloud, you have access to the private PlexVIP library, smooth access to the PlexVIP library on all your devices without downloading

With PlexVIP cloud, you get access to the PlexVIP library. While sharing your favorite videos on the cloud, you can also see videos shared by other members.

As The best Chinese PLEX cloud, what is special about us?

  • Free to provide the most complete, iteration 20+ times Plex manual

  • Provide a fully automatic process of member resource application, download and online under the support of powerful AI algorithm

  • Exclusive plexvip account auto-activation technology

  • Member-only discounted benefits and more

The PlexVIP platform features

Mass video

The PlexVIP platform is dominated by 4K and high bitrate 2K video

new content constantly, you are able to request new content

Hotspot updates

PlexVIP tracks new theatrical movies, hot episodes every day.


PlexVIP can enjoy high-definition and smooth video without climbing the wall, eliminating the need for high aircraft costs and making watching movies more comfortable

Good Subtitle

PlexVIP has bot and manual to help with subtitles!

Watch together

If you and your family and friends are in two places, you can achieve a fully synchronized real-time co-viewing experience through PlexVIP’s “Watch Together” function*, supplemented by WeChat voice, and there is no difference between watching movies together.

To turn on this feature, you need to purchase 2 subscriptions

Community forums

PlexVIP forum, TG community technology sharing, let you also become a film viewing technology master, TV purchase experts

There are irregular members to buy benefits, small money on the bus to save a lot of money

Watch your videos on any device

Plex works great on all device sizes. View your content on devices as small as a mobile phone as well on a big screen. There is a Plex client available for almost every popular Smart Device operating system.

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