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Shield TV 2017/2019 Activate the service

Recently found that a lot of friends Shield TV bought home are eating ash, because can not activate but because of Haitao so can not return, it is a pity. This site is now unable to activate friends to provide paid activation services, 50 yuan a time. If you are an annual fee user, the service is free of charge. Need to contact the station director via telegram/email/or idle fish.

No root removal tips for U.S. Version TV firmware without network connectivity

Shield TV has a problem, is that you clearly have a Wi-Fi connection but shield but prompt network connectivity problems, although does not affect the Internet but very annoying, how to do? Very simple, a few steps to do, need the public usb line and computer first step, click on the system settings - software version number multiple times to open the developer options, say usb debugging open the second step, connect the computer, download the rainbow sugar software installation after opening, choose to click on the exclamation point assistant, software prompt ok and then the system detection network URL is replaced with a domestic website, will not pop up again off the internet prompt rainbow

Shield installs buttonmapper for Netflix button customization

Shield tv 2019 updated the remote control. The new remote has a big Netflix button, and the default press is to turn on Netflix, but wouldn't it be useless if you didn't buy a member? Look at the itchy hands! How can I use it? Install buttonmapper. You can search for it in the Google Store. Once installed, you can customize any keystrokes. But I recommend that no one customize the Netflix keys only. The setting is simple, I won't go into it. The point is, don't forget to turn on the accessibility features of your preferences. My own buttons are: click YouTube, double-click On Fish Live, press and hold plex. Perfect!

American film grading system

Our movie library uses an American film rating system. So you can look at the rules of the grading system, and the movies you want to see can be quickly filtered using the library's labels. The American Film Classification System is a committee of parents organized by the Motion Picture Association of America ("MPAA"), which evaluates movies based on their subject matter, language, level of violence, nudity, sex scenes and drug use. The aim is to provide parents with information about movies in advance, helping them determine which films are suitable for children of a certain age. Ratings have nothing to do with the content of the movie. The Classification and Rating Administration ("CARA"), which is

American TV drama rating system

Our series use the American TV drama rating system. You can quickly filter ratings by using the library's labels. TV-Y TV-Y refers to programs suitable for all children, including children aged 2-6 years. Children's programs such as Sesame Street fall to this level. TV-Y7 TV-Y7 is a television program that may contain content that is not appropriate for children under the age of 7. TV-Y7-FV TV-Y7-FV is an alternative version of TV-Y7. TV-Y7-FV is rated when a TV show contains more fictional violent images than TV-Y7. For example, most translated Japanese animations aimed at American children's audiences fall into this category. TV-G TV-G refers to a universal level of television programs, suitable for all ages to

You need a local DNS server

A software Dnsmasq to recommend today A local DNS and DHCP server (DNS is only discussed in this article) It is also a free software made by foreign gods to follow the GPL protocol. This is the official website of the project The DNS subsystem provides a local DNS server for the network, with forwarding of all query types to upstream recursive DNS servers and caching of common record types (A, AAAA, CNAME and PTR, also DNSKEY and DS when DNSSEC is enabled). As can be seen from the introduction of the official website, this local DNS server is designed to forward DNS requirements to the next level of DNS, and then cache DNS results


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