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Apple TV’s strongest 4K HDR player, infuse Pro, how to buy it in China?

Friends who use apple tv should know the famous infuse Due to network reasons, netflix, hbo, and Disney cannot be played in China. If you can't solve network problems, basically you can only play apple tv by downloading and screencasting. Infuse has covered iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV, Mac and other products, and has become a veritable Apple family bucket application. If you want to play back 4K HDR video on your iOS device, Infuse is the way to go. And if you want to play back HDR video with an OLED TV connected to your Apple TV, Infuse is pretty much the only option. Infuse is also the strongest playback software for apple

How do I download the PLEX APP without the Google Store?

Some friends can download the TV software store (similar to the pea pod store in China) on the aptoide TV website because they don't have a Google store on their TV or box. Then you can search for plex in this aptoide TV store and you can find it and download it! Then the PLEX Android TV version is free, so this channel is great! Note that this app is a store app, someone asked, why not just give me a link to the plex app? Because stores automatically get hardware information about your device, their plex app guarantees compatibility with your device.

How is PLEX's library filtered?

When the PLEX library reaches a certain number, in addition to search to find pieces, but also through the plex app filter function to find, and support the filter is very many, dozens of it, I take 3 examples first. The filter is positioned at the top first button under the plex library view. For example, if you're looking for a Chinese film, you can do this: If you want to choose an HBO episode like this: For example, if you want to filter movies by rating, you can do this: Take iOS as a case in point, and filters are supported on both the TV side and the phone side of the actual plex app.

Shield TV 2017/2019 Activate the service

Recently found that a lot of friends Shield TV bought home are eating ash, because can not activate but because of Haitao so can not return, it is a pity. This site is now unable to activate friends to provide paid activation services, 50 yuan a time. If you are an annual fee user, the service is free of charge. Need to contact the station director via telegram/email/or idle fish.


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